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Carpet Cleaning 

At A-Z Carpet Cleaners we make use of hot water extraction for carpet stain removal. This method is accepted widely in the industry and are known to be highly efficient for dealing with even some of the toughest stains. With this method, we use water at a very high temperature so that it can reach deep inside the carpet and loosen up the stain. We also make use of high pressure which allows us to suck the soil and dirt out of the carpet. This process is also very efficient for another reason. Because of the high temperature, all the bacteria, mildew, dust mites and mold are killed in the process which will ensure that your carpet is completely sanitized.

We are known to be among the best in the industry for carpet stain removal since we make use of some of the most advanced equipment and machines for our carpet stain removal process. We have enjoyed a very high success ratio in treating tough spots and damage on our clients’ carpets which might have been caused by water, ink, coffee, tar and red wine. We make use of high quality cleaning solutions for carpet stain removal which are tough on the stains but gentle on your carpet. Our carpet stain removal is known to be the best since we are well versed with the latest and the most advanced cleaning techniques for treating highly soiled and stained carpets. 

Carpet Stain Removal

When you purchase a beautiful, expensive carpet for you home, you do so with the hope that it would last you for decades. However, one of the biggest nightmares for homeowners is carpet stains which cannot really be avoided in the course of its lifetime. Removing these stains at home can be quite tough and in fact, an inefficient attempt at cleaning can actually harm more than it can help. Rely on A-Z Carpet Cleaners carpet stain removal service and you would immediately see the difference. Our carpet stain removal service can take care of some of the toughest stains that you might have come across like pet stains, ink, wine, wax, urine, water, plants, kool aid, rust or grease. Our professional carpet stain removal service can remove all of these stains and make your carpet look spotlessly beautiful.

We Can Handle Some of the Toughest Stains

Our carpet stain removal process is highly efficient so we can take care of even some of the toughest and the most difficult stains. Trying to remove stains is not easy if you do it on your own. Some of these stains might be deep set and if you try to use a cleaning solution and rub it in to remove the stain, the stain would only spread. Professional carpet stain removal is necessary if you do not want to cause any further damage to your carpet. Allowing a professional company to handle your carpet stains would be the best thing to  do since they would have the right type of cleaning techniques, equipment and solutions to deal with the problem. 

Sanitizing, Deodorizing and Disinfecting Your Carpet

Any carpet would need a lot of care, cleaning and maintenance if it has to be kept as good as new for as long as it would be possible. Even though you might be vacuuming it regularly, your carpet would not be clean from the inside. Carpets can be home to a lot of pathogens, dust mites, mold and other harmful allergens which might be hard to remove with just vacuuming. For this reason, A-Z Carpet Cleaners  has just introduced services for sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your carpet. Carpets that have been exposed to a lot of moisture would develop foul odor and would be home to various contaminants which would need to be removed professionally. For this reason regular sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your carpet would be very necessary.

Keep Your Carpets Clean from Deep Within

For complete carpet care, contact A-Z Carpet Cleaners for sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your carpet. We would ensure that your carpets get the deep cleaning that they deserve. Since just cleaning your carpet is not enough, you would also have to resort to sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your carpet so that they would be safe for use at home. There are various elements at home which can cause your carpets to emit foul smell like pet urine and moisture. Also, these can lead to the growth of mildew and  sometimes mold which can harm your carpet and lead to a few health problems. Our team would be glad to offer help for sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your carpet. 

Services which are Efficient and Quick

A-Z Carpet Cleaners offers efficient and quick services for sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your carpet. We would be glad to come over and inspect your carpet to determine if it needs these services and how extensive the problem is. We would check various details like any foul odors in your carpet, existence of mold and any existing damage to determine if you would need sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your carpet. Our team uses some of the latest, most advanced and the highest quality equipment and cleaning agents to ensure that the work is done with full efficiency. Our team would clean every inch of your carpet and ensure that your carpet is completely cleaned and sanitized.

It can be quite difficult to remove certain odors from carpets. However, with our experience, when we provide services for sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your carpet we would also ensure that tough odors like pet odors would be treated completely. With the help of an efficient and reputed company like A-Z Carpet Cleaners   sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your carpet would be easier than you would have thought. Our services have been recommended across the industry and our clients are fully satisfied with our services. When we offer you our services of sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your carpet, we would also offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Rely on our professional services to keep your carpets clean from within. 

Area Rug Cleaning

While area rugs can make your home visually appealing, one of the most worrying aspects about having these rugs at home is area rug cleaning. Area rugs can be quite expensive and most homeowners today consider them to be an investment. However, with A-Z Carpet Cleaning  area rug cleaning, you would no longer have to worry about keeping them clean and beautiful at all times. Our services are designed to ensure that your rugs remain just the way they were when you had bought them. These rugs would be especially precious if you have purchased them on your various trips abroad. Our area rug cleaning services are professional and highly efficient. We make use of some of the most innovative and advanced cleaning methods to ensure that your rugs receive the care they deserve.

Expect the Best Services from Us

One of the main reasons why clients of A-Z Carpet Cleaners rely on us is because we offer them the best services every single time. We provide area rug cleaning services for all types of area rugs which include Oriental, silk, Chinese, antique, hand woven and Persian rugs. Each rug would be treated with special attention and care and the type of area rug cleaning process that we use is different for every rug. There are several factors which need to be considered before deciding on the suitable method for cleaning which would include the weave, fibres, dyes and the type of material which has been used in your rugs. With the help of highly advanced equipment and our experienced and well trained team, we would ensure that our area rug cleaning service keeps your rugs clean and vibrant.

Thorough Cleaning Services

A-Z Carpet Cleaners ensures that we follow industry approved area rug cleaning procedures and we ensure that no steps would be avoided. The basic steps which are followed by us for our area rug cleaning have been discussed below:

  • Before we start with our area rug cleaning, we would first inspect your rug thoroughly. This is mainly done so that we can spot any fading, discoloration, wear and tear, damage, color instability, odors or stains in the carpet. Based on these, we would then determine the cleaning technique that would be best suitable.
  • We use compressed air and special tools for our area rug cleaning services to remove all the grime and dust which might be inside your rug. With the help of advanced dusting techniques, we remove dry soil from the rugs so that there is no damage to your rugs.
  • Once the soil is removed, we then treat all the spots, spills and stains on your rug using non toxic and effective area rug cleaning solutions.
  • We also treat any fading or discoloration on your rugs or if there are any other related damages.

The rugs are then provided deep cleaning and then rinsed to remove all residue and the cleaning agents from the rugs. The last step that we follow for area rug cleaning is to dry out the rug and then restore it or repair it if it needs.  

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is a very tough task since most homeowners do not really know the right way to clean them and are not equipped with the right tools or cleaning methods. At A-Z Carpet Cleaners  we take the trouble out of your hands and provide your furniture the thorough cleaning that it needs. There are only a few companies today that know the right process for upholstery cleaning and we follow the right, industry accepted and proven processes to make sure that your furniture gets the right care. There are basically two different ways that upholstery cleaning can be done- wet cleaning or dry cleaning and both of them provide good results if they are used the correct way.

Keeping Your Upholstery Clean and Fresh

Our upholstery cleaning services are very efficient and will provide you the kind of results that you have been looking for. With months of use, the furniture can gather a lot of dust which would settle down deep inside the cushions and can have stains which would be difficult to remove. If upholstery cleaning is not done the right way, these stains can get worse rather than better. For this reason, it is always advisable to rely on  

professional upholstery cleaning services so that no further damage would be done to your furniture upholstery. There are also many other problems which are common to upholsteries like the build up of mold or mildew due to excessive moisture which can pose several health concerns. At A-Z Carpet Cleaners we will ensure that your upholstery is not just clean, but also healthy.

Advanced Cleaning Processes

Upholstery cleaning is an art which has to be done just right. We make use of wet extraction method which is known to be highly efficient. The cleaning agents are applied using special equipment which would extract all the spots and dirt from your fabric. We ensure that the right cleaning agents are used for the job so that the stains would be removed efficiently without harming the fabric. At times, we also make use of high temperature water to get rid of the tougher stains. This works quite well to loosen up the stains and the dirt inside the fabric. We then use high powered vacuum to remove the dirt.

Another upholstery cleaning method used by us, depending on the type of fabric we are dealing with is a foaming solution so that there would be minimum moisture for removing the stains. If needed, we can also provide dry upholstery cleaning so that there would be no damage to the fabric of the furniture at all. All of the cleaning solutions and agents that we use for upholstery cleaning are 100% safe, non toxic and environment friendly so they are completely safe for your fabrics as well as your family.

Our upholstery cleaning process is carefully chosen after thorough inspection of your furniture. We choose the right upholstery cleaning method depending on the needs of your furniture so that we can get rid of all the odors, mold, dirt, mildew, stains and dirt. 

Tile and Grout Cleaning

If you have already tried tile and grout cleaning at home, you would know that it is a difficult task and is quite complicated. In most cases, professional tile and grout cleaning would be required from time to time. Try A-Z Carpet Cleaners  professional cleaning services. Our services are known to be efficient and are highly recommended in this industry. We use the best cleaning methods and superior cleaning materials to ensure that our tile and grout cleaning would provide complete satisfaction to our clients. The results that you would see would be enough to prove all our claims right. We would ensure that your floors and walls look spotlessly clean and sparkly. With regular tile and grout cleaning and maintenance, you can keep them looking new and clean. With the right cleaning technology and sophisticated cleaning techniques, we are able to remove some of the most stubborn stains as well as heavy build up of grime.

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

 At A-Z Carpet Cleaners we follow a very strict set of cleaning process for our tile and grout cleaning services so that nothing would be left out:

  • Before we begin the tile and grout cleaning, we first deal with the grease build up by using degreasing solutions. This would ensure that all the soil, grease and residues would be loosened up so that they can be cleaned easily.
  • We then use special and powerful brushes for scrubbing the surfaces clean. We would scrub not just the surface, but also grout lines for best results.
  • For providing better results for tile and grout cleaning, we use pressure and hot water. This would clean up all the cleaning solutions as well as dirt from the surface. With this rinsing process, the entire surface would be cleaned. The rinsing method that we use for our tile and grout cleaning is quite powerful. We continue to follow the same steps till we are satisfied that the surface is absolutely clean.
  • Next in the tile and grout cleaning process is the treatment for discoloration or stains which we handle by using special cleaning solutions which are quite efficient. Once the stains are treated, we clean it with hot water and use air movers for drying out the surfaces.

Grout Preservation

At A-Z Carpet Cleaners we provide not just tile and grout cleaning services, but also grout preservation once the cleaning is done. We use a water proof sealer for the grout which would ensure that it does not take on any stains in the near future. You would find it easier to keep the surface clean with this treatment since the stains would not be immediately formed. Quite a lot of homeowners unsuccessfully try to deal with the stains and grime build up on their tile surfaces. However, with A-Z Carpet Cleaning   superior tile and grout cleaning services, you would have to spend only a few moments for regular maintenance of your floors. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

For commercial spaces and offices, the commercial carpet cleaning services of A-Z Carpet Cleaners are among the best in the industry today. In office spaces, the carpets tend to get neglected the most which results into heavy soiling, tough stains and a lot of damage. Purchasing a new carpet would only mean more expenses for the business which can easily be avoided with regular commercial carpet cleaning done by a professional company. One of the most important reasons why so many commercial establishments approach us for regular commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance is to maintain a good image of their office. A clean and presentable office would make the right image on your clients and business associates.

Efficient Services for Businesses

We understand that as a business organization, you would be looking for commercial carpet cleaning services that are affordable, fast, efficient and quick. For this reason, we have designed our services in such a way that they would be fit for businesses. We ensure that our commercial carpet cleaning services are professional. We provide services according to the cleaning requirements of your office and according to your budget. We can take care of not jut one time commercial carpet cleaning, but we can also provide a package of services which will ensure that your carpet gets regular maintenance, cleaning and care.

Tailored Services for Businesses

A-Z Carpet Cleaners commercial carpet cleaning is tailored according to the needs of your business. Once you contact us, we would make sure that your carpet gets regular cleaning and maintenance services. We would visit your work place and study the cleaning requirements of your carpet based on the work environment, the kind of traffic etc and accordingly design our commercial carpet cleaning service for your office. Our custom designed services will ensure that your carpet receives a regular upkeep program so that you can have a carpet that is healthy, clean and presentable at all times.

For our commercial carpet cleaning, we only make use of high quality and efficient cleaning solutions and modern equipments. The techniques used by us for our commercial carpet cleaning are regularly updated according to the industry trends. We ensure that our commercial clients receive the best and the most competitive rates. With A-Z Carpet Cleaners you would always receive great value for money. Our commercial carpet cleaning would ensure that your carpet looks new and lasts for a very long time. It would be a cost saving for your business since you would not have to invest in a new carpet for a long time.

Our team would be glad to hear from you and provide you a free quote after an inspection. We would make sure that you receive prompt communications and professional, reliable services. We offer 100% guarantee on our services at all times since we are confident about the quality of the services that we offer to our clients. Allow A-Z Carpet Cleaning to take care of all your cleaning needs.

 Scotchguard Protection Treatment

Call today. Stop stains before they happen!

What are the advantages of Scotchguard Treatment?

Scotchguarding provides a protective barrier for your carpet to protect it from everyday use while maintaining the carpets appearance. The treatment is odorless and prevents the fibers from absorbing spills and stains. Fast Service at Great Prices. Ask about scotchguard when you schedule your appointment with A-Z Carpet Cleaners.

 What to do when I spill something after scotchguard treatment?

Don't worry! Scotchguard coating gives you a wider window of time when stains occur to clean up the spill.

Why should I Scotchguard?

 It protects your carpet from oil and water stains.
 It fights soiling from happening in busy homes.
 Creates a barrier against moisture also known as spills.
 Preserves your carpets, extends the life of your cleaning and makes future cleaning easier.

Ask your certified carpet cleaning technician for Scotchguard Treatment.








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