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Organic & Green Cleaning Methods


In order to protect the health of your family and the preservation of our environment, we offer you a line of completely green cleaning services. These services follow strict green practices by using only non-toxic, organic cleaning products and energy-saving equipment. We proudly extend our cleaning services to include green carpet cleaning,green rug cleaning and geen upholstery cleaning..

During all of these treatments, we use only non-toxic, organic products to give you a complete and healthy clean in your home.


Our Organic Products  

Gentle, Great Green Products

At A-Z Carpet Cleaners, we strongly believe in the preservation and safety of our environment. In an effort to conserve and protect your homes and our planet, use only non-toxic, organic green products during our cleaning treatments. To further our commitment, A-Z Carpet Cleaners  actively chooses Green Seal Certified or EPA approved products. With these products, you can enjoy effective, clean results without synthetic, chemically-based ingredients.

Green Stamp of Approval

Our primary carpet cleaning product, DFC 105 from ChemSpec, eliminates all stains and dirt in your home by converting them into free rising natural soaps. This product allows for quick and easy carpet cleaning free of harsh chemicals. It passed the high standards from the Green Guard Environmental Institute, Green Seal and TerraChoice to earn a green certification. So, while the name sounds far from eco-friendly, you can that the cleanliness and health of your loved ones and our environment take top priority.

Along with DCF 150, we use ChemSpec’s impressive Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser to remove tough stains from your carpets, rugs and upholstery. Similar to the other products, this solution features all-natural cleaning agents to keep your home and loved ones safe, healthy and clean.

ChemSpec also provides us with another product called, Microbund Green. This product features ingredients found only in nature to fight off highly soiled areas in your carpets, area rugs and furniture. It’s high alkaline ph formula break down dirt and stains without damaging the health in or out of your house.

Green Choice Made Easy

We actively search and use only organic and chemical free products from green certified companies like Green Depot, Earth Choice, Benefect, FiberLock and OdoBan.

With their vast lines of green cleaning products including Shockwave Green 24, powerful disinfections, and other green shampoos, A-Z Carpet Cleaners upholds the green, organic clean both in and out of your home.

When you choose us for your next cleaning treatment, you make an insured, green choice for the health of your home and our planet. 


Green Carpet Cleaning  

A Green Leap Forward with Carpet Cleaning

Following in your smaller carbon footprint, we proudly introduce you to our green carpet cleaning service. Wall-to-wall carpeting in your home requires a completely safe and healthy clean.

At A-Z Carpet Cleaners, we know you want a green clean that effectively removes all dirt, stains and allergens without damaging the health in and outside of your home. So when you need a green solution for your dirty carpets, look to A-Z Carpet Cleaners green carpet cleaning service for help.

Simple, Green Steps

Throughout our green carpet cleaning service we use organic and non-toxic green cleaning products. These products protect the health and safety of your loved ones. They work deep into your carpet fibers, removing all dirt, stains and allergens, without harsh chemical ingredients. They effectively remove all messes and leave your wall-to-wall carpets healthy and clean for you to enjoy.

Recently, A-Z Carpet Cleaners invested in replacing our traditional cleaning machines with high-efficiency equipment. This new machinery uses our limited natural resources wisely - no more over consumption, less waste. They use less water and electricity while delivering you quality, green clean results.

Choose A-Z Carpet Cleaners for your next green carpet cleaning service and start enjoying a healthier way of life both in and outside of your home.

Call us today to lean more and schedule a free, no obligation green carpet cleaning service.


Green Upholstery Cleaning  

Complete Green Care for Furniture

Flat Rate Carpet proudly offers you a trusted, comprehensive green upholstery cleaning service in our menu of green services. We help you keep a clean and healthy home by completely removing all embedded allergens, hidden dirt and set-in stains from your furniture. If left to sit in your upholstery, these annoying messes cause severe damages. So, avoid these messes with a gentle, yet powerful, green upholstery cleaning service.

We give your upholstery a much needed cleaning using our unique line of organic, non-toxic cleaning products. These products fight off and remove all allergens, stains and dirt completely. They protect the health and safety of your family without compromising performance. Our green cleaning products leave your upholstery with noticeably clean results you can see and feel.

While our highly-skilled technicians clean deep into all cracks and crevices of your furniture, our gentle methods do not harm the original quality of your upholstery textile. Using energy-efficient, green equipment, we extract all messes hidden deep within your furniture. These machines, green cleaning products and gentle cleaning methods leave your upholstered furniture looking and smelling new again.

To schedule your no-obligation, free green upholstery cleaning consultation, call A-Z Carpet Cleaners today. We want you to enjoy a simply healthy, completely green clean today.



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